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The purpose of I.M.A.F.-Belgium non-profit association (International Martial Arts Federation – Belgium) is to bring all Budo clubs or schools and there members, whatever discipline in Traditional and Modern Martial Arts they practice, to constrictions under one umbrella. This eliminates an affiliated member who wants to practice different disciplines, only pay membership fee and insurance once.
By regularly organizing seminars, courses and training purposes under the supervision of experienced teachers, both from its own midst as from abroad, it will help improve the practice of Traditional and Modern Martial Arts and promotion. In collaboration with I.M.A.F. Europe HQ organizes I.M.A.F. Belgium International Internships which Grandmasters from within and abroad are invited in order to keep the very high level of the respective disciplines.
It also seeks close cooperation and respect in front of other organizations pursuing the same objectives.

IMAF Belgium Honbu Dojo (Main Dojo)


IMAF Belgium Honbu Dojo (Main Dojo)



Registered Office I.M.A.F. Belgium

Address: Zusters Van O.L. Vrouwstraat 49, 2170 Merksem, Belgium

jean pierre van vre
Van Vré Jean-Pierre
President I.M.A.F. Belgium
Amhaoul Mohamed
mees patrick
Mees Patrick
Secrétaire Général
kris teunen
Teunen Kris
Entbrouxk Koen
Member of board


van de merlen etienne
National technical director
Nihon Ju-Jitsu
Sensei Van De Merlen Etienne
9th Dan Nihon Ju-Jitsu
Beernaert Willy
National technical director
Kyokushinkai Karate
Kyoshi Beernaert Willy
7th Dan Kyokushinkai karate
5th Dan Pencak Silat
8th Dan Kenpo
1st Dan Iaidō
1st Dan Shotokan karate
vane vre jean pierre3
National technical director
Tai-Jutsu/Goshin Jutsu
Shihan Van Vré Jean-Pierre
6th Dan Tai-Jutsu/Goshin-Jutsu
6th Dan Nihon Kobudo
3th Dan Nihon Jūjutsu
1st Dan Aiki Jūjutsu
Mees Patrick
National technical director
Shihan Mees Patrick Renshi
4th Dan Shōgai Jutsu/Goshin Jutsu
5th Dan Kyokushinkai karate
1st Dan Tai-Jutsu
1st Dan Aiki-jūjutsu
National technical director
Shotokan Karate
Sensei Mohamed Amhaoul
6th Dan Shotokan Karate
2de Dan Iaido
de doncker sven
National technical director
Shaolin Kempo
Sifu De Doncker Sven
3th Dan Shaolin Kempo
kris teunen
Competition organizer
Sensei Teunen Kris
4th Dan Shotokan Karate


By clicking on the title of a discipline you can find the history and further information.


Contact us via this form that you can fill in.
Address: Zusters van O.-L.-Vrouwstraat 49, 2170 Merksem
Phone: +32 (0)3 501 94 16

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