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Aikidō (合気道), is a Japanese martial discipline (see below) with a strong philosophical approach, which was developed by Morihei Ueshiba in the early 20th century. Ueshiba, O'Sensei by aikidoka's called, (the great master) was inspiration from the techniques of the Japanese samurai and martial arts and / or martial arts as Daito ryu jiu jitsu, jujitsu and kenjutsu. Ueshiba also added a moral value to the art of aikido, borrowed to the then new Japanese religion Omoto-kyo.
The Japanese word Aikido can be divided into three separate terms. Ai is Japanese for "love" or "harmony". Ki has multiple meanings, including "energy." And Do, means "way" as in life or moral method. Do the word gives a flavor of the martial art; it indicates that the ultimate objective, which include also Kendo and Judo.
Together are the three words ai, ki and do without aggression or "the way of harmony with Ki". The meaning of this refers both to the philosophy that had O'Sensei regards aikido as to implement techniques of aikido. The word Ki is a fundamental Eastern concept that has its roots in Chinese culture, where it is called Chi, such as Tai Chi or Chi Gong. Typically, Ki means martial art that is part of all proportion to what exists. Ki is also translated as direction and then in aikido specific direction which has deployed an attacker. O'Sensei was not the first practitioner of the martial art that used the concept of Ki in his discipline.
O'Sensei covenant religious views with the fighting techniques that he had learned earlier. The war, which he incidentally mentioned in a later stage of his life Aikido, was not directed according to him, to destroy the opponent but at the very least possible damage to the opponent. On a more philosophical level and good Aikido O'Sensei saw the tricks of Aikido (Ki) as a means to come into harmony. In the techniques philosophy O'Sensei reflected by the aikidoka (aikido practitioner) does not stop an attack by stopping it, but deflects the attack and begun turning against the attacker. The aikidoka as it were in harmony with the power and technology of the attacker.




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