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Aikijujutsu is a Japanese martial art whose foundations were laid over 1000 years ago. Purely physically, it is a martial art that uses clamps, throws, chokes, distortions and atemi. The techniques were developed, inter alia, in feudal jujutsuscholen and sword schools.
The system is based on the no-resist-offer to the strength of the opponent. The person performing the technique, trying to gain control of the attacker to take over the available energy (the attack) and use against the attacker himself. Notable are the circular movements and flexible spirit of the defender. The pursuit of a technically correct and mentally controlled execution, makes excessive use of force unnecessary.
Aikijujutsu is essentially a defensive martial art.
The body and mind are trained to respond only when there is no alternative. Although our school trains mainly unarmed, weapons training is not neglected. The weapons are the Bokken (wooden replica of a sword), the Tanto (wooden replica of a dagger), the Tambo (baton about 30 cm) and Jo (wooden staff of about 1.28 m).


Zusters Van O.L. Vrouwstraat 49, 2170 Merksem


Fri: 19:00 - 20:45


Sensei Mees Patrick
Mobile: +32 486 07 14 01