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The inventor of judo’s Jigoro Kano. He was born on October 28 1860 in the village of Mikage in western Japan. He was small and not strong. He studied jujutsu systems from three different schools: the Kito-Ryu, the Tenshin-Shinyo-Ryu and Nippon Ryu (Ryu means school). However, he was looking for a new system of self-defense. Because he was so small he wanted with different techniques to overcome the strong men. He had to use the power of the strong. He invented the Nippon-Den-Kodokan Judo; JUDO short, which literally means the gentle way. In 1882 Jigoro Kano opened his first school, the Kodokan (Kodo “means” speak the truth “and” Can “means” meeting “). He was 22 years old. In 1889 Jigoro Kano left Japan for a tour of Europe.
He wanted to notify of Western education methods and at the same time promote his Judo. Judo was in that year also a compulsory subject at school.Yamashita, one of his best students, was sent to America in 1903, where he opened a school which enjoyed a great popularity in a short time. President Theodore Roosevelt visited the school and was a keen judo.
Jigoro Kano continued to teach throughout his life, but that became more difficult as his health needs overliet.In 1938 he went to Cairo for a meeting of the International Olympic Committee, who were preparing for the games in Tokyo. On the return trip on the boat Hikawa Maru to Japan, he died on May 4, 1938, as a result of pneumonia.
He died at the age of 77. Because his son was too young to run the school administration was entrusted to his nephew Nango Jiro. In 1946 this was followed by Risei Kano, son of Jigoro.



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