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Ju jitsu and Jiu jitsu is in lots of reading material used interchangeably. Because it really only has anglicized words whether or not to use the 'i' no interest. Ju jitsu is an ancient martial art. Ju-jitsu, however, was the secondary way of fighting as one so very familiar to the sword. It forms the basis and the main source of inspiration of so-called DO - sports (judo, aikido, karate-do, kendo, ...).
The ju-jitsuka offered a beautiful synthesis of these martial arts developed from ju-jitsu. Literally ju-jitsu can be translated as 'soft art'.
Dangerous techniques are not selected out so ju-jitsu is mainly known as a particularly effective method of self-defense. Those techniques include kicking, beating, sweeping, throwing, strangle, joint locks, someone controlling etc. Also it can use a range of weapons including:. Bo, yo, nunchaku, baton, boken, katana, tonfa, etc. belong to. the learning of skills.
Although ju-jitsu techniques are taught initially individually in a static position is the essence of ju-jitsu the ability to easily move from one to another technique, in function of the attacker. Since each style places emphasis on a few major techniques (waza), the principle of each technique may be in a varia of conditions can be applied not only in the way (in the case that technique) which has been learned. Each technique is designed to illustrate a particular principle and to learn.
Ju-Jitsu is a full-fledged sport that encourages endurance, agility and strength. However, it is not a competitive sport, during training there is a winner or loser, there is no struggle but only harmonious action. In addition to the physical aspect is also the mental formation of great importance. Strongly promotes self-confidence, concentration and self-control.


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