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Karate jitsu

Karate Jitsu is a Martial Art of War which complements the karate effectively whatever style is practiced with the addition of defensive techniques which are shot from the styles of the Goshin-Jitsu: leg sweep, evasions, about body types, throws, locks and its lake. The techniques of Karatre-Jitsu are applied to an opponent who attacks you with pedaling, possessory, or with a arm, or which grips you in one way or the other: on all of these forms aggression feature a variety of customized defense techniques.
There are no conducted brutal raised nor acrobatic kicking techniques used nor brutal forces: only the following rule applies: SIMPLICITY and EFFICIENCY. Karate Jitsu is a martial art that gives more life and joy and is also a way of self-defense that one can practice very long without traumatic consequences.
It is also fine to establish that our techniques of Karate Jitsu can be found in heroic series with i.a. Chuck Norris, Lorenzo Lamas, Steve Seagal and other heroes of the silver screen ... the best evidence that has not been invented.




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