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Shaolin kempo

SHAOLIN KEMPO, also known as SHAOLIN SSU CH "UAN FA, SIU LUM Quanfa, shorinji KEMPO empty fist fighting, chinese boxing or Chinese temple boxing is an ancient martial art practiced was the Shaolin Monastery in Henan Province of China. This art was developed by the monk pipal Dharma in the fifth century AD and was only taught to monks at the beginning. at first this involved a set of movements that served to maintain physical health. Later this was an organized fighting system to defend the monastery and neighbor. As a result of the many wars in China and the strong commitment of the monks with exceptional successes were over time also privy to this defense art non-religious.
The style we practice comes from over the southern, or Hard style direction (HUNG-style or full HUNG GAR MEN) and is known for its effectiveness, multiplicity and high execution speed of its versatile hand techniques (80%) and low leg techniques (20 %). Typically the exit techniques and acquisitions in responding to an attack. If targets are targeted increasingly vital parts of the opponent on the counterattack and / or pressure points. The circular movements made this art is also known for its elegance (especially during style or form ferocity).
Thus SHAOLIN KEMPO called in English also TELEPHONE BOOTH FIGHTING (= fight phone), referring to the fact that this art is ideal for fighting in a limited space. Not only the performance of this art and the ability to defend themselves are important, but also mental aspects, such as building self-confidence and self-control, the control of breathing and build inner strength (= CHI) be encouraged. This is due to the Zen philosophy (ZEN means peace) of the Shaolin Kempo.
The intention is thus far to get that body and mind in a balanced method can be trained. The movements that are used are all to be found in the original five animals styles, each of these; the Snake, Leopard, Crane, Tiger and the Dragon. More specifically, we ourselves are the Dragon style as it is the most complete style and the other has four styles in it.


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