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Shotokan karate

Japan Karate Do has only arisen at the beginning of this century. For this, the first developed in Okinawa, this area used to be called the Kingdom of the Rioekioe. There have been two periods, which had a so-called. Weapon ban. The first about 500 years ago and the second about 200 years later. Both periods have played an important role in the development of karate.
Because the Rioekioe islands were also indebted to China, there was regular contact between these islands and Foetjien on the mainland. So it is understandable and logical that form the Chinese Kenpo (fist method) in a natural way at the initial point of self-defense, in which the "weapons-free" periods had arisen, have been integrated. The karate preforms are overall the claimed relationship with the Chinese Kenpo forms, and to Okinawa-, which involved the original defense techniques of the island.
The martial arts (martial arts) in China have a history of about six thousand years. As China's most turbulent years went through with battles against barbarian and nomadic groups, developed a variety of techniques and strategies. Two major Chinese styles have evolved from that time, viz. The Shang Wu and Shaolin.
The Shang Wu, which was founded by Chang San-Feng, stressed the power of ch'i (ki in Japanese). Tai ch'i, Hsing-I and Pakua are examples of schools of this style. The Shaolin style, Tao Lao-tsu (Bodhidharma) had as a founder, emphasized the practical application of hand and foot techniques, both to block and for counterattacks. There were hard-soft techniques, long and short techniques. It was particularly the Shaolin style, which had its influence on the Rioekioe Islands (Okinawa).


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